Discover Why Construction Del Marva is an Excellent Choice

At Construction Del Marva, we specialize in custom home building and renovations for the Eastern Shore of Delmarva. With leverage more than two decades of experience to complete quality jobs for every customer.

Rest easy knowing we are dedicated to providing superior quality services and delivering solutions that satisfy the needs and budget of our customers.


About Our Business Leader

Christopher Eschenburg was raised in Ocean City, Maryland. Here, he cultivated a wealth of local knowledge pertaining to the area, its building codes, and extreme weather conditions.

Leveraging Local Knowledge

Over the course of his two-decade career in the construction industry, Chris Eschenburg has earned extensive expertise in all stages of the construction process, from land development to the completion of custom homes.

Cedar Siding Design Work

Certified Expert

He has acquired a certification in sediment and erosion control and construction management. The industry expert also has extensive hands-on experience as a carpenter, making him an invaluable asset for numerous projects.

Tasks and Projects

As the proprietor of Construction Del Marva, Mr. Eschenburg is responsible for the daily operations of the company. His work mainly deals with the construction of custom homes.

He has also been tasked to complete projects for the Assateague Island National Park Service.


Personal Life

Outside his professional endeavors, Chris Eschenburg likes to surf and spend time outdoors. He is also dedicated to contributing to the local community and enjoys volunteering his time to various causes.